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The most successful business moves are usually based on simple ideas that combine ingeniously what must be done with when. This is what we are willing and able to achieve for you. The webmate.gr team doesn't simply offer the potential to construct and host a website, but carries on much farther by providing integrated solutions, enabling the exposure of business activities in the best possible way.

By utilising experienced technical personnel, informed about all the latest in technology, marketing experts kai talented graphic designers, specialized in the digital expression of art, we can support a business by offering not only technical support, but also consultive services regarding the textual and graphical parts of a website, as well as its overall layout.

We are able to support:

  • hosting of your websites on powerful Unix servers
  • design and construction of websites beyond the typical philosophy of a static presentation
  • interaction, via your websites, between users-clients and your company
  • consultive services on marketing matters
  • planning and organisation of conferences
  • presentations and seminars for you and your partners about new technologies and the internet
  • creation of graphical logos, presentation CDs, complete digital media to project your company
We can apply this potential in order to come up with the simplest and most appropriate for every instance solution, so that the cost of our services is kept to a level that renders them extremely competitive. The most expensive solution is not necessarily the best, and we have the capability to make this decision for you. After all, we wish to share the satisfaction of a successful result with the businessman, as it is, per se, a substantial part of our reward.

With faith and excitement in our work,