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The complete content of the website and the services of webmate.gr ("the company") is made available to the users of the website solely for informational usage. It is prohibited to reproduce it, in whole or in part, with or without prior edition, in any form or medium without express permission from the company. It is prohibited to print and/or publish any part of the website, except for personal use, and only when the user is not connected to the internet.

Any prices quoted on this website are indicative, and the company reserves the right to revalue them as it sees fit, without any commitment, at any time. The prices quoted do not include VAT.

The company reserves the right to prohibit linking to its website from other websites when this is done in a manner such as to distort the content or the authenticity of information in it. The company also reserves the right to prohibit exposure of its website when this is done by framing inside another website and not independently, as well as the usage of the company's name by third parties as keyword for search engines and internet directories.

Terms of service:

The company bears absolutely no responsibility about the content, information, texts, sounds, images, software programs or any other material that is present on websites that it has constructed, hosts or maintains, if these infringe third party copyrights, trademarks, patents or trade secrets, or violate any segment of the Greek or European, civil or trade legislation.

The company will under no circumstances be responsible for the security, safety or quality of communication via the internet, or be held responsible against its clients or third parties for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from inability to use the internet, inability or delay to transfer data, from the content, the precision, the authenticity or the quality of the data or information transmitted via the internet, or from the illegal usage of its services by its clients or third parties. When the hosting of a website is provided by third party servers, and not by servers officially registered to webmate.gr, the company will not be held responsible for loss or distortion of data, or for any, permanent or temporary, outage of service.

All individuals and companies that use services provided by webmate.gr are required to accept that via these services:

  • they will not publish or forward illegal material, or material or information about illegal activities
  • they will not publish any kind of pornographic, racist or any material that may be considered offensive
  • they will not publish or use pirated software, hacking material, or material that may cause damage
  • they will not embark in unsolicited e-mailing or spamming towards any internet users group
  • they will not provide any of the services provided by webmate.gr to third parties without prior express permission by webmate.gr

The company reserves the right to immediately and without prior notice cease providing any of its services as soon as it becomes aware of failure to comply with any of the above terms of service, with no further obligation of any sort of compensation to the clients or companies affected. The company also reserves the right to cease its partnership with any client, if the prearranged financial terms of the services in question are not met, or if the client does not accept possible revaluation of the financial terms of service beyond the prearranged amount of time (usually one year).

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