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Empery screenshot Empery Management and Accessibility consulting
Georgia Kalodiki screenshot Georgia Kalodiki

Georgia Kalodiki is a Greek composer of contemporary music.
The website contains a short biography along with samples of her compositions, articles she has written and a contact form
CNC Solutions screenshot CNC Solutions

CNC Solutions is a company that specializes in the construction of metal precision instruments in Peristeri, Attiki.
The website contains a description of the company and its equipment, products and services offered, new and contact information.
Organization: Empery screenshot Organization: Empery

Organization: Empery is a call for participation to an internet forum that discusses contemporary global problems in the fields of politics, ecology and sociology and suggests solutions and alternatives.
Systasis screenshot Systasis

Systasis is a utility/showcase website with full database integration: articles with their own forum, unique e-cards, reminders, polls and more.
Public participation is strongly encouraged.
Artigraf screenshot Artigraf

Artigraf is a permanent art exhibition in Athens, Greece.
The website includes full listing and data of available lithographies, publications and the traditional Greek boat, an Artigraf exclusive artifact.
Nova Casa screenshot Nova Casa

Database-backed website for the Nova Casa real estate agency located in Athens, Greece. Full listing of current offers, easily searchable and direct communication.
Space Unit screenshot Space Unit

Website for the Space Applications Research Unit in Geosciences of the University of Athens, Greece. Includes up-to-date information on current projects, list of publications and detailed images.
'A dream in blue' screenshot A dream in blue

Personal website for Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)