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Not infrequently are obsolete business practices present in modern businesses: trite advertising campaigns in printed matters or publications of limited circulation, long working hours, unmotivated employees and busy lines. Nowadays, the only answer to all these technological gimmicks is modern businesses promoting themselves on the internet!

Experiencing this need, the webmate.gr team is now able to do on the internet what it planned years ago by combining the technical know-how and the expertise of its personnel. Systematic work on the standard internet technologies as well as experimenting with new ones enables us to utilize our research results in two different ways; first, we are in position to make technological innovations on the website of any small or big business that has already been published; second, we can offer our services to those professionals who seek an effective, reliable, highly qualitative and reasonably priced solution for their internet promotion. The webmate.gr team was formed by professionally capable and highly experienced though incurably romantic residents of cyberspace. We soon realized we could achieve our professional fulfilment through practices that also excite us at a personal level. Thus we do as a job what other people usually do by work.

These are the things that differentiate us from the various random "professionals" that have been roaming the field lately, hidden behind a website, providing cheap and incomplete services. We, the webmate.gr team, wish to be in front of the screens, to get to know our clients, so that we can tailor our vast range of services for their individual needs, suggest the optimal solution towards achieving their goals, and eventually share with them the magic and dream of the internet.